2015 Speakers will be announced soon!

2014 Speakers:

Alison Kramer
Alison headshot

Alison Kramer is a Writer and Creator of Content at UnMarketing.

Prior to co-writing three best selling books, she developed and ran an international maternity lingerie company called Nummies.  At Nummies, Alison created clothing to make every mom, new mom and mom-to-be feel as beautiful as they are.  Her company created the Reflections of Motherhood video, now seen by over 800,000 around the world.

Alison is unapologetically in love with the Internet, Uggs and travel – which she proudly does light and as often as possible. She is mother of a bunch of awesome minis, reluctant runner and yogi. Alison writes and speaks about social media, parenting, business and marketing.

Her current adventures include co-hosting the UnPodcast with the wonderful Scott Stratten and launching their fourth book UnSelling.

UnSelling is about everything but the sell.  We put all of our focus on the individual purchase transaction, while putting the rest of our business actions second.  We’ve become blind to customer service, support, branding, experiences and even product quality.

Sixty percent of all purchasing decisions are made before a customer even contacts you. We have funnel vision, and it needs to stop. Consumers have more information at their fingertips than ever before and we need to be creating experiences and products worth sharing, if we want to succeed in today’s busy marketplace.

Unselling is about the big picture: creating repeat customers, not one-time buyers. Creating loyal clients that refer others, not faceless numbers. Becoming the go-to company for something, before they even need you.  Content, connection, engagement. It’s time to separate from the pack of noise. It’s time to UnSell. @unalison / Facebook / alisonrobin.com

Lavinia Spalding

lavinia color 300 dpi

Lavinia Spalding is series editor of The Best Women’s Travel Writing, and author of two books: Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler, and With a Measure of Grace, the Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant. She also introduced the reissued e-book edition of Edith Wharton’s classic travelogue, A Motor-Flight Through France. Lavinia’s work has appeared in many print and online publications, including Yoga Journal, Sunset magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco magazine, The Guardian UK, Tin House, Post Road, Gadling, AOL Travel, Overnight Buses, Matador, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and The Best Travel Writing Volume 9. She  lives in San Francisco, where she’s a resident of the Writers’ Grotto and co-founder of the award-winning monthly travel reading series Weekday Wanderlust.

Twitter: @LaviniaSpalding

Emily Meyer

Emily MeyerEmily
 Meyer is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tea Collection, a globally-inspired children’s apparel company that has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. for 7 years.Emily started Tea in 2002, envisioning a lifestyle brand that celebrates global cultures. Twice a year, Tea designers travel to a new part of the world (17 countries to date!) and create a new clothing collection inspired by other cultures.

Follow Tea Collection

Facebook: www.facebook.com/teacollection

Pinterest: pinterest.com/teacollection
Instagram: instagram.com/tea_collection
Twitter: twitter.com/teacollection
Pinterest: pinterest.com/emspinboards
Instagram: Instagram.com/emilyattea

Aimee Giese

AimeeGieseBeachSquare500pxAimee Giese started in photography at age eight, when she received her first Kodak point and shoot for Christmas. She took classes all through high school, which even included dark room training. After pursuing  graphic design and web development, Aimee co-founded Klein Buendel, a multimedia development firm that creates large-scale health education research projects, mainly for the government.

All the while, Aimee was fostering freelance photography work and her blog Greeblehaus (formerly known as Greeblemonkey). In 2011, went out on her own with Giese Media. She now provides graphic design, web development, social media strategy and photography for small to medium size clients.

Her photography has also become a large part of her work – whether with clients directly, giving photography classes online and at conferences, or featuring photography prominently on her blog. Her main subjects are people, nature, travel – and most often recently, concerts and music. She prefers to capture the moment, whether it be with her DSLR or smartphone, but loves to teach both the technicalities and the emotion of photography. Her goal at ROAR will be to help us gain confidence to try news things and express our creativity with our cameras.

Twitter: @Greeblehaus / Instagram @Greeblhaus

Photography: People / Nature / Travel / Music



Jennie Baird
252_19427951406_7087_nJennie Baird is a long-time digital media executive, entrepreneur and consultant.
She was previously Senior Vice President and editor-in-Chief at NBC Universal’s iVillage and ran women’s programming at AOL. In 2014, she sold her own company, BabyNameWizard.com to CafeMom. She currently works as a consultant to companies large and small on matters of innovation, strategic communication and digital strategy. She is also developing a new concept to support independent workers called Return On You. Jennie lives in Connecticut with her family.
Return On You Workshop 
Return On You is a methodology designed to help independent workers (freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, Task Rabbits, Etsy sellers etc.) make the most of their “free agent” lifestyle.  The workshop will provide tools for you to better articulate your goals and objectives, evaluate your choices, manage your time, and ultimately better understand the true value of your work and your lifestyle, quantifying what success really looks like in today’s economy.


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