ROAR 2014 Speaker Announcement ~ TEDx Speaker & Travel Expert

ROAR 2014 Speaker Announcement ~ TEDx Speaker & Travel Expert

Andrea and I have been on pins and needles for the past few weeks as we have been sitting on an extremely exciting announcement! Our first speaker for ROAR 2014 is someone who knows a thing or two about travel writing. Real travel writing. You may recognize her from her inspiring TEDx Talk on Travel Writing and Global Change.

Lavinia Spalding is series editor of The Best Women’s Travel Writing, and author of two books: Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler, and With a Measure of Grace, the Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant. She also introduced the reissued e-book edition of Edith Wharton’s classic travelogue, A Motor-Flight Through France. Lavinia’s work has appeared in many print and online publications, including Yoga Journal, Sunset magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco magazine, The Guardian UK, Tin House, Post Road, Gadling, AOL Travel, Overnight Buses, Matador, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and The Best Travel Writing Volume 9. She  lives in San Francisco, where she’s a resident of the Writers’ Grotto and co-founder of the award-winning monthly travel reading series Weekday Wanderlust.

Excited yet? We are so incredibly thrilled to be welcoming Lavinia to Costa Rica in just a few short months! She’s a wealth of knowledge and I can’t WAIT to hear her speak during our retreat!

Let the countdown begin!

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