Human Engagement Optimization

A few weeks ago  I co-hosted the ROAR Retreat here in Costa Rica, because yes, it’s just like me to move to another country and plan an event. If you know me at all this does not surprise you. My partner Nadia Carriere and I really just wanted...
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A bloggers worth is more than two jars of Nutella

This is a story is based on actual events that happened yesterday. I received an email from Nutella!  I opened it immediately with true authentic excitement. You see, we LOVE Nutella at our house.  In fact, we even gave our kids jars of Nutella for...
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The Copycat Syndrome & How It Can Kill Your Online Reputation

There are some incredible personalities in the online space, popular voices that are making a loud noise with their work and presence. The key to their success (in addition to hard work and persistence) is their passion. Originality and beautiful creativity...
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The Power Of blog Partnerships

Blogging and the online world can be a lonely place some days.  Sure you have plenty of friends online and you can connect with just about anyone at any point in the day, but finding a strategic partner is what you really need.  No one should go at...
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