What is ROAR Retreat?

A social media retreat for professional bloggers and women who also have a major wanderlust and aren’t afraid of adventure.


We have found that during most conferences, some of the best conversations, lightbulb moments and knowledge is to be found in the halls, outside on the patios and during lunch breaks. Why? That’s when we can really sit down and chat with some of our peers, the women who are doing and living this business day in and day out. Our goal is to bring those moments into a full retreat. Think of ROAR as the non-conference.



A collective of elite lifestyle, travel and power mom bloggers. These women have fierce following and a large social footprint. When these women come together sparks fly and creative ideas and partnerships form. All of us are better when we come together and help one another build on our success.  There will be 35 women in attendance.


The Experience:

To bring together leaders in the online blogging community to talk about best practices, tools, creative content, social platforms and create strategic alliances, while in an organic and truly inspiring place.

Explore the tropical beaches of Costa Rica and seek some adventure  while spending time with women who lift you up, inspire and educate. We want to learn from each other and collaborate creatively.


The Vision:

We want the ROAR retreat to live on long after the retreat is over, our intention is for ROAR to become an exciting and insightful  community with the ROAR blog. We hope to create an open platform for the blogging community and a place for curated knowledge and content for anyone to benefit from.

ROAR is more than a retreat.
It’s an attitude, a way of life and
a way of doing business.

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